Before there was the NFL package for TV, Raider fans in Atlanta had to search out sports bars that would play the Raider games on TV. During the 1999 and 2000 Clint Gharib met many Raider fans at various bars around the area and realized that there were many in the Atlanta area that shared the same passion and commitment to the Raiders as he does. Our Club began prior to the 2001 season after Mr. Gharib convinced a bar in the Buckhead area to dedicate several TV’s to the Raiders and placed an ad in Creative Loafing notifying Atlanta that there was a home for all Raider Fans to come watch the games together.

The opening game that season was against KC and by the second quarter there was a small group of Raider Fans who, even though they had never met before that day, became instant friends. By the end of the next season the group had grown to 45. Two years after our humble beginnings we formed an actual fan club and were formally recognized by the Oakland Raiders Organization on August 11, 2003 as an official Raiders Booster Club. Since then our club has been a family of of over 125 Raider Fans. Whether you live in the Atlanta area or are just visiting we welcome anybody who shares our love and commitment to supporting and celebrating the Oakland Raiders. Raider Nation For Life!